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Audio QuickStart: Steps for Using Sound : Page 2

There are three steps to consider when you think about adding audio to your site, how to create, distribute, and play your sound.




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Step 2: Distributing Sound
So now that you've got your sound files, you need to decide how to get them from your server to your reader's screen.

There are two basic options:

Downloading sound. For smaller sound files, downloading is a perfect match. The embedded sound files move from your server to your reader's browser. In addition, your server won't need any special audio software.

Streaming sound. For longer files, many people select a streaming technology. In a streaming technology, the sound begins to play as soon as the reader's browser encounters it. Many streaming technologies require that your server have special audio software installed and running.

Distribution issues you should consider:

  • Downloading sound
  • Streaming sound
  • Options for embedding sounds

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