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Editing Sounds : Page 3

In this section, you'll learn how to manipulate and edit your sound files.




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One of the easiest ways to reduce the size of your sound file and improve the general quality of sound is to simply delete unwanted sections or random noise within your sound clip.

Most editing applications let you select parts of your sound wave, and then cut, copy and paste those sections just as you can do in an image or word-processing program.

Once you've opened your sound file with your audio editor, and you see a graphical representation of the sound, zoom in and listen to individual sections of the file. The "Zoom" command may be located under a File or Tools menu.

Listen to individual sections within your sound file and keep your ears open for loud "pops," pauses where there is no sound, or sound contaminated with distortion or background noise. Chances are, those are the sections you'd like to remove.

Highlight sections of the sound clip you'd like to remove with your mouse. Underneath the "File" menu or "Edit" menu on your program, you will see options to delete or cut. Deleting portions of your sound clip makes the file a little smaller, and it eliminates noise that could be distracting to those who listen to the sound. Be careful with voice recordings—what looks like silence may in fact be a softly-spoken word. Before you delete sections of your files, listen carefully to every part of the file.

Some of the better audio editing applications include a noise gate option. Noise gates cut off audio signals that fall below a certain level, or threshold. For example, very soft sounds or background noises will not be included in your sound file. Before you record your sound, you simply set the noise gate level on your software.

The more you listen to your sound files, the more adept you'll become at recognizing impurities within the sound file. With audio editors, you can eliminate any section of your sound file with the click of your mouse.

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