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Editing Sounds : Page 6

In this section, you'll learn how to manipulate and edit your sound files.




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Changing Playback Rate
To create Alvin and the Chipmunk-types of effects or turn your sound into a s-l-o-w motion sound, try speeding up or slowing down your sound file with your audio editor.

Most audio editing programs include functions for speeding up and slowing down sound signals. In the Tools or File menu, you can specify how fast or how slow you'd like your sound to be. If you want to get really fancy, you can draw lines with your mouse over specific sections of sound, and control the speed for specific areas of the clip only; such as speeding up only the middle part of a sound file.

Altering the speed of a sound clip can completely change the atmosphere of your Web page. Using very slow sound for a page on dreams could intensify a sleepiness effect, and using a clip of fast-paced music could help convey a frenetic mood for a site on dance clubs.

As with any audio editing process, experimenting with the pace of your sound can leave you with sound clips that truly enhance your Web site.

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