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Inserting Audio : Page 4

In this section, you'll learn how to insert audio into your site.




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Adding Background Sound
Looking for some atmosphere for your site? Add a little background sound and enhance the mood of your site.


Background sound works only with IE, and adds a background sound to your page. The bgsound tag has two switches:

src=URLname gives the name of the sound file you want to play in the background.

loop=X/infinite lets you replay the sound a specific number of times or continually. Do not use loop=0 or loop=1, however. Different browsers interpret this same command differently. Also, avoid using loop=infinite, it doesn't work on some browsers. It's best to write loop="false," if you want your file to play one time, and loop="-1" if you want the file to play over and over again.

  • For example, this code plays the sound file named "JAhat.mid":
    <bgsound src="../AZsounds/azAudiologos/JAhat.mid">

  • This one plays it five times in a row:

    <bgsound src="../AZsounds/az/Audiologos/JAhat.mid" loop=5>

  • This one plays it over and over as long as the page is in the browser window:
    <bgsound src="../AZsounds/JAhat.mid" loop="-1">

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