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Security Zone Archives

Find the TLS Version a Vendor Supports - 06/05/2018
Handy Function to Test for Email Validity - 05/17/2018
Ascertain Whether or Not TLS 1.2 Is Enabled on a Server - 02/26/2018
Secure Your Data in SQL 2016 with Row Level Security (RLS) - 02/07/2018
Catching to Log in Java - 01/04/2018
Decrypt HTTPS Traffic in Fiddler - 11/03/2017
Do not Allow Critical Data to be Serialized - 10/02/2017
Change the Default TLS Version in .NET - 09/22/2017
Enable TLS 1.2 Through PowerShell - 09/15/2017
Block and Unblock Internet Access on a User's Computer Using C# - 08/17/2017
Get a User that has Deleted Rows with SQL - 07/27/2017
Making a File Read-only Using Java - 07/25/2017
Performing Basic Validation with the Error Provider Control in C# - 07/20/2017
Tools that Highlight the Performance of the W3af Web Application Security Scanner - 07/12/2017
Getting the Everyone Local Group Account Name in C# - 07/06/2017
View the Certificate of a Website in Chrome - 06/27/2017
Capturing Textboxes Available in a Google Authentification Page Using Selenium - 05/24/2017
Making a Java List Thread Safe - 05/01/2017
Encrypt a Config Section Using .NET's Configuration Providers - 04/21/2017
Spring Admin Expiring all Session of a Certain User - 04/13/2017
Boostrapping Your Cloud Infrastructure - 02/28/2017
Generate Random Passwords - 02/16/2017
Web Application Security Testing Tools - 01/04/2017
Top 10 Security Best Practices - 12/30/2016
Determine What Permissions the User Has on the System - 10/07/2016
Hybrid Integrations with Azure Logic Apps - 09/29/2016
The Most Often Ignored Agile Practice - 09/15/2016
Intelligent Load Balancing for a Microservices Application Architecture - 08/19/2016
Backup and Restore Using Amazon S3 API - 07/26/2016
Set up SSL Certificates in 5 Minutes Using Let's Encrypt - 07/05/2016
Examine the Strategic Value of APIs - 06/17/2016
Augmented Reality is Here - 05/10/2016
MSAL: New Authentication Library from Microsoft - 05/05/2016
Execute Code On-Demand with Azure Functions - 04/20/2016
Black box vs. White box Testing - 04/05/2016
Payments Made Easy with the New Visa API - 02/19/2016
Authenticate RESTful APIs with an OAuth Provider - 11/24/2015
Why TDD Is Key - 11/03/2015
IoT Requires Defense in Depth - 10/08/2015
Agile Programming Best Practices - 09/18/2015
Android Development Security Best Practices - 07/24/2015
Implementing AES Encryption in PHP - 06/04/2015
Hackathons 101: How to Hack Your Way to the Top - 05/20/2015
More Best Practices to Secure Your Web Server - 04/14/2015
Use Best Practices to Secure Your Web Server - 04/02/2015
Why APIs Are Critical for IoT Success - 03/31/2015
Lightweight OWIN OAuth2.0 Authorization Framework with IdentityServer3 - 03/26/2015
API Design Basics for Micro Service Oriented Architectures - 03/16/2015
Automate Your Infrastructure with Ansible - 03/03/2015
Getting Started with Project Management - 01/28/2015
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