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Build Knowledge Through a Taxonomy of Classifications : Page 4

Learn the natural progression of classification systems and their associated taxonomies to help users find information and manage resources.

Syndication as Classification
There is another form of classification, though it's not based on vocabularies but instead is based on time. When a user comes to your site, chances are pretty good that what they are seeking is novelty. This reason doesn't mean that they're looking for whoopee cushions and joy buzzers (unless it's a site about gag gifts). Rather, the information that people are looking for is generally highly biased toward that which is new or different.

One of the things that many companies and organizations discovered very quickly in the early years of the web was that people didn't go to a site if the content never changed, no matter how tasteful (or tasteless, for that matter) the content was. If your content didn't visibly change with every visit, people would absorb the content once, maybe note that nothing's changed the second time they visited, and then would never return.

This behavior is one of the major reasons why syndication feeds are becoming more dominant as the way that people get news and why visits to web sites not driven by syndication are drying up. An RSS or Atom feed is the ultimate expression of organization of information by time. It represents a bundle of content that provides enough of a synopsis of recent articles to provide some sense of content (that is, an abstract), perhaps with an associated keywords set tied in through some other taxonomy, and together with links to that content to provide a better, more comprehensive "view" of the article. You can think of such organizational schemes as syndication taxonomies.

Syndicated taxonomies bring an interesting, added dimension to the organization of your site for a few important reasons. First, you can "aggregate" other news feeds so that they all fall within a single taxonomic term