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Tracking Events Using a Semi-Structured Repository : Page 3

Tracking the activities of a system and its users is too often not considered until the application is already deployed. Learn how to demonstrate an (almost) no hassle persistent bean pool that you can use to track the activities of an already developed system for later review.

Browsing the Repository
It can be difficult to browse larger repositories, but if your repository is small and portable (<1MB) you can view the file using MIT's Simile web service called Babel. Otherwise you may want to set up an HTTP repository and view the results through the openrdf-workbench, included in the OpenRDF Sesame SDK.

To view the repository in the browser using an RDF/XML file, open your browser to SIMILE Babel and choose to convert from RDF/XML to Exhibit JSON. Browse for the RDF/XML file you just created, then click the "Upload and Preview" button to see the result. This allows you to search and browse the contents of the file using Exhibit.

Figure 1. Preview in Exhibit: Exhibit allows you to view the content, sort by any field, and filter the results by a field.
By using Exhibit you can view the contents, sort by any field, and filter the results by a field. This gives you a quick view into the activities of the system. Exhibit is also very customizable and can be used to create a catered view of the data. For more information about Exhibit, see the web site. Figure 1 shows an example of a Preview screen in Exhibit.

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