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For .NET | September 30, 2016
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
For .NET | September 16, 2016
Language: .NET||Expertise: Intermediate
For .NET | September 1, 2016
Language: .NET||Expertise: Advanced
For .NET | August 29, 2016
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner When you need to cast some type to another type in VB, you should favor the "classical" functions CBool, CByte, CInt, CLng, CDec, CSng, CDbl, CDate, CStr and the "new" kids on the block (CSByte, CShort, CUShort, CUInt, CULng, CChar, and CObj) as they were designed exactly for it.
For .NET | August 9, 2016
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
For C# | June 22, 2016
Language: .NET||Expertise: Beginner
For Dev Issues | October 15, 2014
Explore some of the programming constructs to operate on an instance of DocumentDB.
For Dev Issues | September 15, 2014
Learn to use a local NuGet server as an efficient distribution mechanism for your components across the enterprise.
For Dev Issues | May 13, 2014
Learn how the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) can help solve some performance challenges and provide greater control in porting and hosting applications between different platforms.
For Dev Issues | April 30, 2014
AppHarbor is a hosted .NET Platform as a Service that can scale your ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC applications in the cloud. Learn more about how it can assist you with your development efforts.
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