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More articles related to "APIs"

For Enterprise Zone | October 8, 2014
Learn more about the trends in API design that will inform future product design.
For Enterprise Zone | August 27, 2014
The relationship between app developers who consume APIs and the organizations that provide them can be a loving marriage that produces innovative offspring, but it's going to take some work on both sides.
For Enterprise Zone | August 13, 2014
The advisors of the API Academy talk about the adoption of APIs that have enabled the enterprise to turn the IT landscape into "software defined everything."
For Agile | August 8, 2014
Jason Bloomberg speaking on three different Agile Architecture-related topics over the next few weeks
For Agile | July 3, 2014
REST is rather vague about many of the specifics of its implementation
For Dev Issues | June 24, 2014
Explore some of the API Management capabilities that Microsoft Azure brings to the table.
For Open Source Zone | March 31, 2014
Explore the data movement through the MapReduce architecture and the API calls used to do the actual processing, along with customization techniques and function overriding for application specific needs.
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