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More articles related to "APIs"

For Dev Issues | July 22, 2016
Distributed transaction management is a key architectural consideration that needs to be addressed whenever you are proposing a microservices deployment model to a customer. Learn how to keep up with today's world where focus is on modular, self-contained APIs.
For Web Development Zone | June 17, 2016
Learn why providing a great API can allow you to really focus all your resources on the secret sauce and not worry about visual user interface.
For C# | May 18, 2016
Language: .NET||Expertise: Intermediate
For Dev Issues | May 5, 2016
Learn more about MSAL, the new authentication library from the Microsoft Identity division.
For Dev Issues | February 19, 2016
Learn more about the new developer API ecosystem called Visa Developer.
For Web Development Zone | February 12, 2016
Let's explore 10 APIs the might be very useful when developing web applications.
For Wireless Zone | December 18, 2015
Learn now Xamarin provides a well-executed platform for developing mobile applications using C# and the .NET framework.
For Wireless Zone | November 27, 2015
Gigi Sayfan shows you how great React Native is at reading your mind by building a simple native application demo.
For Dev Issues | June 26, 2015
Learn more about yesterday's announcement from the Microsoft Azure team regarding the Azure Resource Usage and Rate Card API.
For Enterprise Zone | June 23, 2015
The key to digital transformation is figuring out how to improve without throwing out existing investments. Three letters can help: API.
For Dev Issues | June 17, 2015
Learn more about how the CQRS pattern works and in which scenarios it is appropriate.
For Web Development Zone | April 30, 2015
Learn how to integrate the Bit.ly API with your application to track clicks and automate analysis.
For Dev Issues | April 28, 2015
Learn more about what developers should look forward to seeing in the coming years.
For Enterprise Zone | March 27, 2015
There are many aspects to successful library design, but the API is crucial. Get some tips on how to get it right the first time.
For Enterprise Zone | October 8, 2014
Learn more about the trends in API design that will inform future product design.
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