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More articles related to "AWS"

For Enterprise Zone | July 15, 2013
Amazon Web Services brings MapR's M7 big data platform to Amazon Elastic MapReduce.
For Agile | June 21, 2013
IBM put the brakes on Amazon's contract to build a private cloud for the CIA, but Big Blue will never implement IaaS as well as Amazon already can.
For blog | April 14, 2013
So, is Amazon good or evil? You be the judge. Clearly, disrupting markets is in a different category from, say, outsourcing manufacturing to Asian sweatshops, but tell that to the targets of Amazon's disruption.
For blog | April 5, 2013
A new Amazon Web Services capability called Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace paves the way for a full-blown market for Cloud instances.
For blog | March 27, 2013
Putting the capabilities of Amazon's Public Cloud on the CIA’s private network validates Amazon’s Public Cloud model, rather than detracting from it.