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More articles related to "Agile Software Development"

For Agile | October 20, 2015
Learn more about three options for working with Agile development practices across teams.
For Dev Issues | August 7, 2015
Meet our newest blogger and explore the range of topics he plans to cover.
For Agile | August 1, 2014
Simply telling a team to self-organize does not mean they have the ability to do so
For Agile | June 25, 2014
It’s possible to solve the agility-killing software customization problem
For Agile | June 18, 2014
Agility is harder than it sounds, especially when legacy runs the business.
For Agile | June 12, 2014
The notion that information technology is the business is a point that underlies the entire Bloomberg Agile Architecture vision
For Agile | June 3, 2014
For many organizations there’s a fundamental disconnect between the next-gen digital vision and the reality of today’s intractable legacy-centric business.
For Agile | May 14, 2014
The reason Agile software architecture will never be agile is because it is by necessity focused on building software. In other words, it’s caught in a Catch-22 that it will never escape.
For Agile | May 8, 2014
Agile Architecture pulls together all the elements into a coherent, realizable story for implementing technology-enabled business agility across the enterprise.
For Agile | May 5, 2014
Some policies must be enforced across organizational and technical silos.
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