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More articles related to "Amazon Web Services"

For Dev Issues | January 1, 2016
Learn more about some of the other products in the ecosystem of analytics.
For Dev Issues | December 22, 2015
With the leading cloud providers now racing against time to complete their offerings in the analytics space, enterprises are spoilt for choice.
For Web Development Zone | November 10, 2015
Learn how EC2 instances can be made fault-tolerant by using redundancy and synchronous decoupling.
For Dev Issues | October 12, 2015
Learn how Amazon QuickSight can help your business solve the problem of speed, complexity and cost of generating insights from large volumes of data.
For Database Development Zone | May 27, 2015
A cloud database can be deployed either as virtual machine image or as database as a service (DBaaS). Learn more about the pros and cons and how they are implemented.
For Enterprise Zone | July 15, 2013
Amazon Web Services brings MapR's M7 big data platform to Amazon Elastic MapReduce.
For blog | April 5, 2013
A new Amazon Web Services capability called Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace paves the way for a full-blown market for Cloud instances.
For Enterprise Zone | March 26, 2013
Learn how to create services that can be run in a cloud environment. Running in the cloud allows you to start quickly, with minimal expenses and lots of flexibility.
For blog | October 3, 2012
Every IaaS product except Amazon Web Services is still mired in the vaporware stage in one way or another.
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