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More articles related to "Azure"

For Dev Issues | August 9, 2016
Learn more about the support for streaming diagnostic logs into Event Hubs that was recently released in preview.
For Dev Issues | April 20, 2016
The Microsoft team recently announced the preview of Azure Functions, an app service that allows you to execute code on demand.
For Dev Issues | March 11, 2016
Learn how you can to automate your business processes and simplify Enterprise-grade integration with Azure Logic Apps.
For Dev Issues | January 1, 2016
Learn more about some of the other products in the ecosystem of analytics.
For Dev Issues | December 22, 2015
With the leading cloud providers now racing against time to complete their offerings in the analytics space, enterprises are spoilt for choice.
For Dev Issues | October 22, 2014
The recent announcement from Microsoft about the partnership with Docker is a significant move, with some even calling it the best thing that has happened to Microsoft since .NET.
For Dev Issues | October 15, 2014
Explore some of the programming constructs to operate on an instance of DocumentDB.
For Dev Issues | September 29, 2014
Azure is increasingly becoming the scalable CMS platform with support for a host of popular CMS providers.
For Dev Issues | September 3, 2014
Microsoft has chosen DocumentDB as a new Azure-only feature rather than enhancing its existing table storage capabilities.
For Dev Issues | August 5, 2014
Microsoft Azure Service Bus Event Hubs provide a topic based publish/subscribe messaging platform that allows for high throughput and low latency message processing.
For Dev Issues | July 31, 2014
Explore how to set up a MongoDB database using the Microsoft Azure marketplace that can act as a repository for your express Node.js web application to store data.
For Dev Issues | July 28, 2014
Use the Express web application framework to create Node.js applications in Microsoft Azure.
For Dev Issues | March 17, 2014
Having an effective worker role design can help you better understand the efficiency of background services.
For Dev Issues | February 25, 2014
One of the significant additions to Windows Azure is the improvement to Active Directory Services. In particular, the addition of quite a few popular SaaS based applications that can now leverage Active Directory Services. In today's post, we will explore adding GitHub as a SaaS application for Single Sign-On (SSO) with AD users.
For blog | March 1, 2013
If Microsoft can’t get the simple stuff right, then can you trust them with the difficult stuff?
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