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More articles related to "Cloud"

For Enterprise Zone | June 23, 2015
The key to digital transformation is figuring out how to improve without throwing out existing investments. Three letters can help: API.
For Agile | September 25, 2014
TIBCO’s story isn’t simply about a dinosaur unable to adapt to a new environment.
For Agile | June 26, 2014
Once the SaaS vendors figure out how to offer full-fledged mass customization while maintaining a commoditized code base, enterprises won’t have to settle for any color as long as it’s black any more.
For Agile | June 9, 2014
The Bloomberg Agile Architecture Technique offers a way of thinking about and doing architecture that is laser-focused on business agility as the fundamental business driver.
For Devx Daily News | May 1, 2014
Focusing on small and midsize businesses (SMBs), security solutions specialist Sophos announced the latest version of Sophos Cloud, which is to include built-in Web security as well as policy-based Web control features.
For Dev Issues | April 30, 2014
AppHarbor is a hosted .NET Platform as a Service that can scale your ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC applications in the cloud. Learn more about how it can assist you with your development efforts.
For Agile | March 28, 2014
Welcome to the BPM zombie apocalypse.
For Agile | March 5, 2014
What we need is a new paradigm for automating interactions that rises to the level of expectations that the Cloud sets for us.
For Agile | July 12, 2013
Don't buy into the sometimes useful fiction that Cloud is only one thing. You will fritter away precious IT dollars.
For blog | May 15, 2013
Want Cybersecurity? Get Cloud. That’s the perspective of General Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency and commander of the U.S. Cyber Command.
For blog | May 6, 2013
When you have a data center full of hard drives -- for example if you're running a Cloud -- then bad drives are a daily occurrence.
For blog | May 2, 2013
Dell's Boomi product is a full-fledged Integration-as-a-Service offering, positioned as the point of the spear for the company's Cloud strategy.
For blog | April 9, 2013
Everybody says they're doing Cloud or offering Cloud or whatnot, but precious little Cloud was visible at the CloudConnect conference.
For blog | March 20, 2013
Any backup routine -- including for Cloud backup -- is only as good as your ability to recover data from backup. If that data is encrypted, recovering it can get tricky.
For blog | February 20, 2013
Do you really want to trust your Cloud environment to a VPN?
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