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More articles related to "DevOps"

For Agile | June 9, 2016
In order to benefit from new technologies, you need to build agility right into your stack.
For Enterprise Zone | October 8, 2015
As hackers  begin to exploit vulnerabilities deeper in the technology stacks around us, we need to focus on security along multiple vectors.
For Open Source Zone | March 3, 2015
Learn more about why Ansible is a valuable tool that provides a coherent model for safely provisioning, configuring and orchestrating multiple remote machines.
For Enterprise Zone | February 3, 2015
See how the term DevOps reflects a new movement that tears down the wall that traditionally separated developers from system administrators.
For Agile | May 27, 2014
The real risk is moving too quickly on a modernization effort, where stuff will break.
For blog | May 18, 2013
The first rule of DevOps is don't implement a DevOps team.
For blog | April 4, 2013
Agile is not just for development any more. With DevOps, organizations are bringing the ops people to work closely with the development teams.
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