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More articles related to "IaaS"

For Agile | April 28, 2014
Cheaper processing infrastructure means we’ll get to do more stuff. It doesn’t mean we’ll get to save money.
For Agile | June 21, 2013
IBM put the brakes on Amazon's contract to build a private cloud for the CIA, but Big Blue will never implement IaaS as well as Amazon already can.
For blog | April 14, 2013
So, is Amazon good or evil? You be the judge. Clearly, disrupting markets is in a different category from, say, outsourcing manufacturing to Asian sweatshops, but tell that to the targets of Amazon's disruption.
For blog | January 14, 2013
What do you do if your Cloud Service Provider's Cloud Service Provider breaches their agreement with your Cloud Service Provider?
For blog | December 18, 2012
The marketplace is responsible for defining Cloud Service Models.
For blog | October 3, 2012
Every IaaS product except Amazon Web Services is still mired in the vaporware stage in one way or another.
For blog | September 13, 2012
Not only are software and hardware vendors -- as well as IaaS providers -- in the Cloud market playing with the wrong ball, they're in the wrong field.
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