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More articles related to "Java"

For Java | September 20, 2016
Language: Java||Expertise: Advanced
For Open Source Zone | August 5, 2016
See how paying attention to your function signature, utilizing language features where possible and using immutable data structures and pure functions can get you pretty far.
For Java Zone | December 23, 2014
As guardians of our own code quality, we're armed with two battle tactics: Be reactive, or be proactive. Read Chapter 1 of "Continuous Enterprise Development in Java".
For Java Zone | May 21, 2014
Learn more about the best ways to access a relational database using the JDBC template in Spring.
For Java Zone | May 15, 2014
Learn more about the concepts of Gradle as a project building tool and also see how to configure and build a sample Java project.
For Devx Daily News | May 2, 2014
Oracle engineers have submitted a formal thesis of proposed enhancements to the Java Virtual Machine and Java language to support small, immutable value types.
For Open Source Zone | March 18, 2014
Learn more about writing MapReduce programs with the language of your choice with Hadoop Streaming.
For Java Zone | March 11, 2013
Learn how to implement some automated acceptance criteria for your Behavior Driven Development.
For Java Zone | February 19, 2013
Take a guided tour of automated acceptance testing for Java Web applications using JBehave, Thucydides and Selenium 2/Webdriver.
For Classes | August 26, 2012
Your Java program won't know which class to instantiate until it is executing. So how can you create an instance that class ahead of time?
For Devx Daily News | August 22, 2012
ASP, Visual Basic and Java come out on top.
For blog | June 2, 2009
Ellison Hints at Oracle's Java Priorities: JavaFX-based OpenOffice Apps and Mobile Devices
For blog | April 27, 2009
Will Oracle Continue Funding Sun's Pet Java Projects?
For blog | January 16, 2009
JavaFX Team Answer the Eager and the Skeptical
For blog | May 29, 2008
Google I/O: The Web's Wide Open for Developers
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