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More articles related to "NoSQL"

For Database Development Zone | January 15, 2015
Dive deeper into Cassandra's design and implementation and find sensible advice and guidelines to get your development rolling.
For Dev Issues | September 3, 2014
Microsoft has chosen DocumentDB as a new Azure-only feature rather than enhancing its existing table storage capabilities.
For Agile | August 26, 2014
Is coolness your real business driver?
For blog | January 11, 2013
Next time you’re talking to a software vendor who’s trumpeting that their software will run in the Cloud, ask them what their replication strategy is.
For blog | September 17, 2012
NoSQL databases are nonrelational, so we need to replace SQL. The question of the day, of course, is what to replace it with.
For blog | August 23, 2012
A NoSQL conference is a tech show centered on not using a technology. It may sound silly, but vendors at the NoSQL Now conference have products poised to blow the old guard RDBMSs out of the water.
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