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More articles related to "Oracle"

For Agile | October 30, 2014
POODLE means finally getting rid of IE 6 once and for all.
For Agile | October 1, 2014
It’s hard to get a straight story out of Oracle about what they want to change – if they really want to change at all.
For Agile | September 20, 2014
Will anything really change at Oracle? Unlikely – at least not until Ellison finally kicks the bucket.
For Devx Daily News | May 2, 2014
Oracle engineers have submitted a formal thesis of proposed enhancements to the Java Virtual Machine and Java language to support small, immutable value types.
For blog | October 13, 2009
What If Oracle OpenWorld Did Swallow JavaOne?
For blog | June 2, 2009
Ellison Hints at Oracle's Java Priorities: JavaFX-based OpenOffice Apps and Mobile Devices
For blog | April 27, 2009
Will Oracle Continue Funding Sun's Pet Java Projects?
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