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More articles related to "REST"

For Dev Issues | November 30, 2015
These days, every Enterprise/best practice REST API is a proprietary and non-standard half implementation of SOAP.
For Enterprise Zone | January 22, 2015
Mike Amundsen discusses two major themes that affect many developers today: the Object-Oriented programming style (OOP) and Representational State Transfer architectural style (REST).
For Agile | July 3, 2014
REST is rather vague about many of the specifics of its implementation
For Agile | April 18, 2014
Where so many developers run into trouble with HATEOAS, and by extension all of REST, is when they try to automate HATEOAs.
For blog | December 23, 2012
Have we really solved the coupling problem by moving to REST?
For blog | December 6, 2012
With hypermedia-based discovery, any client can determine what any resource can do for it simply by following hyperlinks. The API is the bookmark, which never changes.
For blog | October 28, 2012
With RESTful service discovery, each representation contains all the metadata you need. Find out how it works.
For blog | October 12, 2012
We have a lightweight architectural approach to build distributed applications that brings together the best of SOA, REST, and Cloud.
For blog | October 10, 2012
SOA architects are turning toward REST as a lightweight alternative to Web Services.
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