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More articles related to "SOA"

For Enterprise Zone | June 23, 2015
The key to digital transformation is figuring out how to improve without throwing out existing investments. Three letters can help: API.
For Dev Issues | April 28, 2015
Learn more about what developers should look forward to seeing in the coming years.
For Enterprise Zone | March 16, 2015
Learn why exposing services through the proper APIs is crucial.
For Agile | November 25, 2014
Digital transformation is the next shiny thing.
For Agile | September 25, 2014
TIBCO’s story isn’t simply about a dinosaur unable to adapt to a new environment.
For Agile | June 9, 2014
The Bloomberg Agile Architecture Technique offers a way of thinking about and doing architecture that is laser-focused on business agility as the fundamental business driver.
For Agile | May 8, 2014
Agile Architecture pulls together all the elements into a coherent, realizable story for implementing technology-enabled business agility across the enterprise.
For blog | October 12, 2012
We have a lightweight architectural approach to build distributed applications that brings together the best of SOA, REST, and Cloud.
For blog | October 10, 2012
SOA architects are turning toward REST as a lightweight alternative to Web Services.
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