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More articles related to "agile development"

For Agile | August 23, 2016
To follow Agile principles and allow an individual developer to have a quick build cycle of edit-built-test requires significant effort. In most cases it is worth it. There are two representative cases: small and large
For Agile | May 12, 2016
No need to feel you're all alone against the inscrutable code, by employing pair debugging, your partner will help you through tight spots and see things you don't notice.
For Agile | January 13, 2016
Gigi Sayfan explains how there can be two meanings for Agile documentation, depending on context.
For Agile | December 14, 2015
Learn why the loosely coupled nature of micro services lends itself very well to agile evolution of the system.
For Agile | November 17, 2015
If you reach a point where you notice Agile fatigue in your dev team, you might want to try gamification to get productivity back on track.
For Agile | October 20, 2015
Learn more about three options for working with Agile development practices across teams.
For Agile | September 30, 2015
Does the agile development style mix well with open source? On the face of it, they are polar opposites. Gigi Sayfan discusses some of the differences and similarities in style.
For Enterprise Zone | February 3, 2015
See how the term DevOps reflects a new movement that tears down the wall that traditionally separated developers from system administrators.
For Agile | July 1, 2014
You must analyze the risks inherent in making the change under consideration as well as the risks of not making the change
For Enterprise Zone | December 7, 2012
Not all software development project tasks must be done in a sequence. With Agile requirements prioritization you can complete the deliverables and tasks in order of importance.
For Enterprise Zone | October 19, 2012
Pair programming can be tough for even the best developers. Read these seven helpful secrets to improve your pair programming abilities.
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