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More articles related to "agile methodologies"

For Agile | May 25, 2016
Extreme Programming has five main values: Simplicity, Communication, Feedback, Respect and Courage. The first four are relatively uncontested but courage is different and flies in the face of safety, security, stability and risk mitigation.
For Agile | May 12, 2016
No need to feel you're all alone against the inscrutable code, by employing pair debugging, your partner will help you through tight spots and see things you don't notice.
For Agile | May 2, 2016
Explore how Agile hiring methods can give your small company the advantage over the big players.
For Agile | April 14, 2016
The Extreme Programming stance was different from the methods of the past. What happens if we take all the best practices and turn the knob to 11?
For Agile | March 21, 2016
Is the database doomed to be this thorn in the side of Agile development? Not necessarily. Learn more about a few strategies to minimize both the risk and effort to make database changes safely.
For Agile | March 9, 2016
Many Agile methodologies promote a daily standup meeting, but is it an effective strategy?
For Agile | February 29, 2016
Agile marketing is all about being in tune with the development organization and also the market.
For Agile | January 21, 2016
Try some of these techniques if you're interested in introducing Agile development practices.
For Agile | January 13, 2016
Gigi Sayfan explains how there can be two meanings for Agile documentation, depending on context.
For Agile | July 7, 2014
We finally have a recipe for technology-supported innovation in even the stodgiest of enterprises
For Agile | June 9, 2014
The Bloomberg Agile Architecture Technique offers a way of thinking about and doing architecture that is laser-focused on business agility as the fundamental business driver.
For Agile | May 27, 2014
The real risk is moving too quickly on a modernization effort, where stuff will break.
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