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More articles related to "big data"

For Database Development Zone | August 20, 2015
See why microservices are a great architecture for complicated large-scale systems.
For Open Source Zone | July 17, 2014
Get the details on MapReduce/YARN 2.0 and the functionalities it presents.
For Open Source Zone | June 11, 2014
Learn more about Apache Spark and the various aspects of this framework.
For Agile | April 28, 2014
Cheaper processing infrastructure means we’ll get to do more stuff. It doesn’t mean we’ll get to save money.
For Agile | April 2, 2014
For Cloudera, $900 million in the bank may actually be more trouble than it’s worth.
For Agile | March 28, 2014
Welcome to the BPM zombie apocalypse.
For Enterprise Zone | July 9, 2013
Learn the big data configuration and implementation details of various enterprise content repository components.
For Agile | June 6, 2013
You may think of metadata as the second class citizens of the data world, but not  in the realm of Big Data.
For Enterprise Zone | May 22, 2013
A Big Data content repository can help manage the flood of digital information in your enterprise. Learn how to build one with open source technologies.
For blog | January 22, 2013
Beware the snake oil salesman who bills himself (or herself) as a Big Data Expert.
For blog | January 17, 2013
What would it take to consider all the spreadsheets everywhere in your organization as a single Big Data set, so that you can gain intelligence from such a collection?
For blog | January 6, 2013
There will always be a Big Data category at the fringe of what our tools can currently handle.
For blog | November 12, 2012
The human side of the presidential campaigns' Big Data tools was the deciding factor.
For Devx Daily News | August 22, 2012
Cloud computing seems particularly well-suited for big data projects.
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