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More articles related to "mobile development"

For Web Development Zone | February 26, 2016
Explore the evolution of responsive Web design and how it became the dominant paradigm to design sites and applications.
For slideshows | August 12, 2015
Discover 10 Objective-C libraries that can ease the transition from web to iOS development.
For Dev Issues | May 11, 2015
At Build 2015, Microsoft announced the launch of an open source extensible tool for debugging JavaScript called Vorlon.js.
For Enterprise Zone | February 3, 2015
See how the term DevOps reflects a new movement that tears down the wall that traditionally separated developers from system administrators.
For Dev Issues | July 8, 2014
The Microsoft Open Technologies team announced the support for Cordova tools in Visual Studio 2013.
For Wireless Zone | March 26, 2014
In the race for mobile app supremacy, innovation and speed-to-market are now vital. Learn more about useful resources for mobile app testing teams that need to respond to these market conditions.
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