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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 30, 1997



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Use Object Browser to Discover Undocumented Features

If you right-click on the right-most pane of the Object Browser, you can issue the Show Hidden Members command. From this point on, the Object Browser shows all hidden properties and methods in any library, and you can use it to explore all object libraries in more detail. For instance, the VBA library exposes a hidden class, appropriately named "_HiddenModule," which includes many well-known VBA functions plus three undocumented ones: ObjPtr, StrPtr, and VarPtr. ObjPtr returns the address of the private area of an object instance, StrPtr returns the address of the first character in a string, and VarPtr returns the address of a variable or a string descriptor, if you pass it a string variable.

Francesco Balena
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