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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 2, 1997



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Show Fonts as you Select Them

To let a user change a font name, load all the fonts into a combo box:
Private Sub Form_Load()
        ' Determine the number of screen 
        ' fonts.
        For I = 0 To Screen.FontCount - 1  
                ' Put each font into list box.
                cboFont.AddItem Screen.Fonts(I) 
        Next I
End Sub
Make this more useful by letting your users see what the font looks like immediately after selecting it without having to "test" it by typing something:
Private Sub cboFont_Click()
        'Set the FontName of the combo box 
        'to the font that was selected.
        cboFont.FontName = cboFont.Text   
End Sub
Brian Lang
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