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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 6, 1997



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New Feature Allows Data Structures to be More Complex

VB4 allows you to create data structures that are more dynamic than previous versions allowed, thanks to the possibility of having dynamic arrays within types. For example, a tree structure with three levels can be created with user-defined types and dynamic arrays:
Private Type LeafType
	'we'll let the leaves be integers
	Leaf As Integer
End Type
Private Type BranchType
	'a branch is an array of leaves:
	Branch() As LeafType
End Type
'a tree is an array of branches:
Private Tree() As BranchType
This next code sets up a tree with three branches. The first branch has three leaves, the second branch has two leaves, and the third branch has five leaves:
ReDim Tree(1 To 3)	'three branches
ReDim Tree(1).Branch(1 To 3)
'three leaves on the first branch
ReDim Tree(2).Branch(1 To 2)
'two leaves on the second branch
ReDim Tree(3).Branch(1 To 5)
'five leaves on the third branch
You can add other fields to allow parts of the tree other than the leaves to store data.
Dave Doknjas
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