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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 6, 1997



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Converting Strings To Title Case

I'll present this tip the VB3 way and the VB4 way. I beat myself for a couple of hours over this routine to convert a string to Title Case. I used this with VB3:
 Function TCase(StrInp As String)
Dim strout$
Dim x%
StrInp$ = LCase$(StrInp$)
strout$ = UCase$(Left(StrInp$, 1))
For x% = 2 To Len(StrInp$)
	Select Case Asc(Mid$(StrInp$, x, 1))
		Case Is < 97, Is > 122
			strout$ = strout$ & Mid$(StrInp$, x, 1)
		Case 97 To 122
			Select Case Asc(Mid$(StrInp$, x - 1, 1))
		Case 97 To 122
			strout$ = strout$ & _
				Mid$(StrInp$, x, 1)
		Case Else: strout$ = _
			strout$ & UCase$(Mid$(StrInp$, x, 1))
	End Select
End Select
TCase = strout$
End Function
In VB4, one line replaces the whole function:
 StrConv(string, vbProperCase)

'Where vbProperCase is a built in constant in VB4
Jason Lee
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