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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 6, 1997



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When Does A Form-Level Object Instance Cease To Exist?

You have an object variable declared in the Declarations section of a form. In the Form_Load event, you create an instance of a class and assign it to the variable. However, when your form unloads, the object class' Terminate event does not fire because the form has not yet ceased to exist. Simply unloading a form does not cause the form object to terminate. As long as the form object exists, it references the class. Set the form-level variable to nothing to cause it to unload. As a way to remember this, treat a form object like any other object. Assign it to a form variable when you want to create it. This makes obvious the need to delete the reference when you are done. Thus, instead of writing:
 MyForm.Show vbModal
Set MyForm = Nothing
you should write:
 Dim FormRef as MyForm
Set FormRef = New MyForm
FormRef.Show vbModal
Set FormRef = Nothing
This makes it clear that you are dropping an object reference in code.
A. Nicklas
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