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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 6, 1997



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Shortcut for 16/32-bit Development

Here is a tip that should make life simpler for all VB programmers doing mixed 16/32-bit development in VB4 under Windows 95. I have three additional items in my project menu. These items, Open Win16, Make Win16 EXE File, and Run Win16 Project, allow me to develop in either 16- or 32-bit versions of VB4 at the click of a mouse button. To get this result, start REGEDIT and find the subkey VisualBasic.Projects under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Then add three subkeys under this key. These keys are Open Win16, Make Win16 EXE File, and Run Win16 Project. Under each of these keys, add another subkey and name it Command. Now set the value of Command. For Win16, set the value to "c\vb\vb.exe %1." Note that REGEDIT automatically adds the opening and closing quotes. For Win16 EXE File, set the value to "c:\vb\vb.exe /m %1." For Run Win16 Project, set the value to "c:\vb\vb.exe /r %1." These paths assume that the 16-bit version of VB4 is installed under c:\VB. If you have installed 16-bit VB4 in another folder, substitute its path for c:\vb\vb.exe. Now you can conveniently open, run, and make EXE files in either Win16 or Win32.
Lalit Bhargava
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