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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 6, 1997



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VB3 Keyboard Shorcuts

Take a few moments to memorize these keystroke combinations and you'll find yourself rocketing through your project! Key combinations separated by commas mean they're to be performed sequentially. VB 3.0 Keyboard Shortcuts Alt F,V,F5--Save and Run. Alt+Dash--Access system menu of current editor window or form. This shortcut leads to others: Alt+Dash, N--Minimize Window. Alt+Dash, M--Maximize Window. F3--Repeat last search. If you didn't have a "last search," the search dialog opens automatically. Editor Keys Ctrl-Up--Move to previous sub in editor window. Ctrl-Dn--Move to next sub in editor window. Home, Shift-end--Select an entire line of text. Ctrl-Home, Ctrl+Shift+End--Select all text in the current sub. Ctrl-F--Find. Ctrl-R--Replace.
Barry Seymour
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