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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 6, 1997



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Allow Command Line INI Files For Multple Users On The Same PC

To allow different INI files for different users on the same machine, use the command line to specify the specific INI file path and file name. Add a check to see if the INI file exists, and if it doesn't, create it. A different icon specifying a different INI file on the command line can be set up for each user:
 Sub Form_Click ()
Dim achIniFile As String
Dim Msg As String
	If Command = "" Then ' If no command line.
achIniFile = App.Path & "\DEFAULT.INI"
	' There is currently no command-line string."
Msg = "The INI file used is: '" & Command$ & "'"

	Else ' Put command line into message.
achIniFile = App.Path & "\" & Command$ 
	Msg = "The INI file used is: '" & Command$ & "'"
	End If
	MsgBox Msg ' Display message.
End Sub
Don Yasuda
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