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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 6, 1997



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Accurate Time Delay

This routine allows you to put a fairly accurate time delay, very useful for I/O routines and nice, graphic-delayed drawing routines in your code:

Sub Delay (milliseconds As Integer)
' This Routine uses a Timer to trigger
' a fixed Time Delay.
Dim Temp As Integer
If (milliseconds > 0 and milliseconds _
< 32767) Then
        TimeExpired = False
        Main.Delay.Interval = milliseconds
        Main.Delay.Enabled = True
        While (TimeExpired = False)
                Temp = DoEvents()
End If
End Sub

Sub Delay_Timer ()
'       This Routine is the Timer Event. That is, when
'       the timer expires, it is disabled and the global 
'       variable TimeExpired = set to True.
        TimeExpired = True
        Delay.Enabled = False
End Sub

Gary Sinde
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