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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 7, 1997



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Use Backquotes Instead of Apostrophes

Often when using Transact-SQL, I want to capture comments from a user in a text box and send them to the database. However, if the user types an apostrophe in the text box, a run-time error is generated when the update is processed, because SQL Server thinks the apostrophe is being used to mark the end of a string. To get around this problem, intercept the user's keystrokes in the KeyPress event and exchange the apostrophe with an "upside-down" quote mark (ASCII(145)) like this:
Private Sub Text1_Keypress_
        (KeyAscii as Integer)
        If KeyAscii = 39 Then
                KeyAscii = 145
        End If
End Sub
Alternatively, you might decide to substitute all occurrences of single quotes into backquotes immediately before sending them to SQL Server.
Mike McMillan
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