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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 7, 1997



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A Workaround for Bound Image List Controls

When an image list is referenced by another object such as a toolbar, you can only add images to the image list. VB doesn't allow deletes or changes to the size of the images in the image list while the reference exists. Typically, the solution is to remove the references, edit the image list, and then reset the references again. However, this can become cumbersome when you might have 10 to 15 toolbar buttons referencing the image list. To avoid the reference problem, simply select the object referencing the image list and "cut" it from your form. Then you can freely edit the image list because VB doesn't think it's referenced by any control. Once you finish editing the image list, simply "paste" the other control back on your form. All references will be restored, including the reference to the changed image list.
Steve Dulzer
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