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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 8, 1997



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IntegralHeight Property of List and Combo Boxes

In VB3, if you wanted to display a list box adjacent to another control such as a PictureBox on a sizable form, you were confronted with the problem that a list box's height was constrained to an integral number of list items. By using a series of Windows and VB API calls (requiring a special DLL, such as Desaware's SpyWorks), you could destroy an existing list-box control, reset its style bits to include LBS_NOINTEGRALHEIGHT, and re-create the control, which could then be resized to any height.

The IntegralHeight property is now included in the standard and data-bound list controls, so you'll get the expected behavior with automatic resizing tools such as VideoSoft's Elastic. The DBList and DBCombo also include a VisibleCount property that returns the number of visible items in the list.

William Storage
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