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Language: Visual Basic
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Aug 8, 1997



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Hexadecimal Color Constants

Properly designed Windows programs should change their own colors according to the system colors. One of the reasons why developers tend to forget that part of design is that it is not easy to find values for those colors. Microsoft forgot to mention them in the manuals and they cannot be found in help files either.

There are several ways to determine constants for the system colors. One is by the Object Browser. Unfortunately, it could be time consuming. From now on, you can use this list:

System Color Name Color

Menu Text &H80000007&

Scroll Bars &H80000000&

Window Background &H80000005&

Window Frame &H80000006&

Window Text &H80000008&

Active Border &H8000000A&

Active Title Bar &H80000002&

Active Title Bar Text &H80000009&

Application Workspace &H8000000C&

Button Face &H8000000F&

Button Highlight &H80000014&

Button Shadow &H80000010&

Button Text &H80000012&

Desktop &H80000001&

Disabled Text &H80000011&

Highlight &H8000000D&

Highlighted Text &H8000000E&

Inactive Border &H8000000B&

Inactive Title Bar &H80000003&

Inactive Title Bar Text &H80000013&

Menu Bar &H80000004&

Frank Coliviras
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