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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 8, 1997



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Creating Inner Joins In An Access Database

This seemingly undocumented SQL table qualification syntax might be useful to access an external table by using the 'IN' keyword. I had used this ability before, but kept having trouble with joins (probably due to my syntax) until I used the database path as a qualifier for the table. In this example I separated the four tables found in the Biblio database into their own databases and issued this query in an empty database:

        SELECT Authors.*
        FROM C:\VB3\Biblio1.Authors _
                INNER JOIN _
        INNER JOIN _
        INNER JOIN _
                C:\VB3\Biblio4.MDB.[Publisher _
        ON Publishers.PubID = [Publisher _
        ON Titles.PubID = Publishers.PubID) 
        ON Authors.Au_ID = Titles.Au_ID;

While this may not work on ODBC, it works perfectly with Access databases and overcomes the single external database ability with the 'IN' clause.

Mark P.
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