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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 22, 1997



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Branding a Jet MDB File

This routine allows a hidden table to be appended to the Tables collection in an MDB file. I use the table name as a brand or stamp. During development, I change the brand when design changes are made to the MDB file. Access tables with Msys and Usys preambles are treated as hidden objects by the Jet database engine. The default setting is hidden. The brand starts with UsysBRAND. I prefer using the table name to using a record in a predefined table because it is more difficult for a casual user to delete a table than it is to delete a record from a table:
Public MyDB As Database
Public Const BrandString = "UsysBRAND"
Dim Dummy As Integer
Dim outputVariant
Set MyDB = OpenDatabase("testjet3db")
'Some test calls
Dummy = MDBrand("clearbrands")
Dummy = MDBrand("stamp", "TheTestProject")
If MDBrand("read", outputVariant) Then
	Debug.Print outputVariant
End If
If MDBrand("validate", "TheTestProject") Then
	Debug.Print "ProjectTest"
End If
Public Function MDBrand(ByVal whichAction As String, _
	Optional aString) As Integer
Dim MyTableDef As TableDef, _
	MyField As Field
Dim TempString As String
Dim i%
	On Error GoTo MDBrandError
	MDBrand = False
	Select Case whichAction
		Case "clearbrands"
			For i% = MyDB.TableDefs.Count - 1 To 0 Step -1
				If Mid$(LTrim$(MyDB._
					TableDefs(i%).Name), _
					1, Len(BrandString)) _
					= BrandString Then
					MyDB.TableDefs.Delete _
					MDBrand = True
				End If
			Next i%
		Case "read"
			For i% = MyDB.TableDefs._
				Count - 1 To 0 Step -1
				If Mid$(LTrim$(MyDB._
					TableDefs(i%).Name), _
					1, Len(BrandString)) _
					= BrandString Then
					MDBrand = True
					aString = Mid$(LTrim$(MyDB.TableDefs_
						(i%).Name), Len(BrandString) + 1)
				End If
			Next i%
		Case "stamp"
		TempString = BrandString & aString & CStr(Now)
			If Len(TempString) > 40 Then
				TempString = Mid$(TempString, 1, 40)
			End If
			Set MyTableDef = MyDB.CreateTableDef_
			Set MyField = MyTableDef._
				CreateField("MyDate", dbDate)
			MyTableDef.Fields.Append MyField
			MyDB.TableDefs.Append MyTableDef
			Set MyField = Nothing
			Set MyTableDef = Nothing
			MDBrand = True
		Case "validate"
			For i% = MyDB.TableDefs.Count - 1 To 0 Step -1
				If Mid$(LTrim$(MyDB.TableDefs(i%)._
					Name), 1, Len(BrandString)) = _
					BrandString Then
					If InStr(MyDB.TableDefs(i%)._
						Name, aString) Then
						MDBrand = True
				End If
				End If
			Next i%
	End Select
	Exit Function
	MDBrand = False
	Resume MDBrandErrorExit
End Function
Stan Mlynek
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