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Language: Web
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 15, 1998



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Highlight Comments in your ASP Pages

If you're using IIS 3.0 with Active Server Page technology for hosting your Web site, here is a very simple way to highlight comments in your ASP pages and reduce page download time.

Instead of using HTML or Script comments, place all your comments in Active Server Page tags. All your comments will now be processed as ASP code, which means they will be removed when the page is sent from the server to the browser. All your comments will now be highlighted in yellow in Visual Interdev, making them easier to locate. Also, since all your comments will be stripped out by the server, the HTML that is sent to the browser will be smaller and will download faster. And your descriptive comments cannot be seen by source code viewers, making it more difficult for someone to decipher your complex HTML or Script logic.

Warren Janisch
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