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Aug 7, 1998



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Error 'ASP 0115'

If you are developing in Visual Basic for Active Server Pages (ASP), there are two likely causes of an error 'ASP 0115'. The VB5 setup wizard puts a number of DLLs into the /System32 directory without checking whether versions of these DLLs exist elsewhere on the computer, which results in duplicate DLLs. You can fix this by removing the extra DLLs, then unregister and re-register your VB5 component. The other possibility is that VB5 or some other program has installed version 1.50.2207 of the ADO DLL. Internet Information Server doesn't like that version. You should upgrade to MDAC 1.5c (http://www.microsoft.com/data/mdac15.htm) or, better yet, get the MDAC 2.0 from the Visual InterDev 6 March pre-release CD.
Ken Cox
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