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Aug 19, 1998



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Running Out-of-Process Components

To run executables and objects from Word and Excel from Active Server Pages, you need to change the value of an IIS4 Metabase property called AspAllowOutOfProcComponents to True. The easiest way to do this is with the MetaEdit utility that comes with the Internet Information Server Resource Kit from Microsoft Press. MetaEdit is similar to Regedit. You can also change the property by running a small ASP or Windows Scripting Host (WSH) script like this one:
set objW3svc=GetObject("IIS://localhost/
  w3svc")objW3svc.Put "AspAllowOutOfProcComponents",
TrueobjW3svc.SetInfoset objW3svc=Nothing.
Run the script from the Web server while logged on with administrator privileges. You need to reboot the Web server for the change to take effect. Keep in mind that there's a performance penalty when running out-of-process components.
Ken Cox
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