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Language: Java, Web
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 20, 1998



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Animating Images with JavaScript

Animating between a number of images is fairly easy to do and works in Netscape Navigator 3.0+ and Internet Explorer 4.0+. Put the URLs of the images you'd like to show into an array and create a variable to store your current place in that array. Once the user clicks on the link to start the animation use the setTimeout command to call your routine at regular intervals and display the next image. The following code shows you how to use the setTimeout command to switch among a number of images in an array.

   var imageArray = new Array("squares.gif", "circles.gif",
   var currentImage = 0;
   var timerId;

   function showImage() {
      if (currentImage > 2) {
         currentImage = 0;
      document.images[0].src = imageArray[currentImage];
      timerId = setTimeout("showImage()", 2000);

<A HREF="javascript:showImage()">Animate Image</A><BR><BR>
<IMG SRC="squares.gif">

One caveat: Because we are not pre-loading the images in the animation for this simple solution, you need to make sure that the interval between the images (2000 milliseconds in the example) is enough time to load each frame. Otherwise the browser might switch to the next frame before the one being displayed is fully downloaded.

Boris Feldman
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