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Language: Web
Expertise: Beginner
Sep 4, 1998



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Be Polite to Frameless Browsers

Older browsers that don't support HTML frames won't display anything when they attempt (and fail) to load a page containing the code to set up frames. So a good design tip is to use the <NOFRAMES> </NOFRAMES> tag pair to let users of these older browsers know what has happened.

Browsers that support frames will ignore any code between these two tags. However, browsers that don't understand frames will pick up the code between them and display it. Here's an example of how you can be polite to users of such older browsers:

<TITLE>Example for browsers that don't support frames</TITLE>
<FRAME NAME="topFrame" SRC="home.html"> 
<FRAME NAME="bottomFrame" SRC="navigation.html">
	Put your code for non-frames browsers here.
Martin Kelly
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