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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Sep 4, 1998



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Trick Setup Wizard

Don't you hate that VB5's Setup Wizard doesn't include all the files you reference in your application? For example, if you access a picture or animation file at run time using syntax such as Animation1.Open App.Path & "\MyVideo.AVI", VB5's Setup Wizard doesn't include this file in its setup list.

To make VB5's Setup Wizard include files in the setup automatically, you can declare a fictional API procedure in the Declarations section of any module that references the file within a conditional compilation construct:

 #If False Then
Private Declare Sub Foo Lib "VIDEO.AVI" () 
'Fake Declare
#End If

Because the condition is False, Visual Basic ignores this statement. However, the Setup Wizard interprets this line as a function declaration, locates the file (in this case, VIDEO.AVI), and includes it in the setup list. Setup Wizard will default to placing these files in your App folder, so change it accordingly.

Miguel Santos
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