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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Sep 8, 1998



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Determine if Your Program is Running Within VB's IDE

Sometimes it is useful to know if your program is running within Visual Basic's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or as a standalone EXE. This routine returns True if the program is running within VB's IDE:
 Public Function RunningInIDE() As Boolean
	'Assume running as EXE for now
	RunningInIDE = False
	'Trap errors
	On Error GoTo RunningInIDEErr
	'Divide by zero (fails within IDE)
	Debug.Print 1 / 0
	'Exit if no error
	Exit Function
	'We get error if Debug.Print was
	'evaluated (i.e. running in the VB IDE)
	RunningInIDE = True
End Function

RunningInIDE performs a division by zero in a Debug.Print statement. Within the IDE, this causes a divide overflow, which the function traps in an error handler. When the program is run as a standalone EXE, Debug.Print statements are not evaluated and no error occurs.

Jeffrey Sahol
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