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Language: Java
Expertise: Beginner
Sep 12, 1998



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Classes in sun.* packages

All the classes in sun.* that accompany the Sun JDK are provided as support classes that are used to implement specific sets of functionality for the core JDK classes. The classes in sun.* such as sun.net.ftp.FTPClient do not have fixed API's, nor are they in any way a standard part of the Java language. This means that any application that you write which uses them may not work with a future JDK version or with a JVM from a vendor other than Sun. To ensure the portability of your programs, you should look at third party Java libraries that provide the same or better functionality. For FTP, an alternative might be to use ORO, Inc's NetComponents library which is free for most uses and available at http://www.oroinc.com/.
Daniel Savarese
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