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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Oct 9, 1998



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Sort Data in the Short Date Format

Suppose you have a database field that returns a date in the Short Date format. Neither a numeric sort nor a string sort would order this column correctly. To sort by date, you need to add an extra column to the grid and set its width to zero. Populate the column with values obtained by converting the date to a number, and sort on that column as demonstrated here (this code assumes the date field is in column 2):

 Dim Ro As Integer
Dim SortCol As Integer
Dim SortDate As Double

'add a column to hold the sort key
MSFlexGrid1.Cols = MSFlexGrid1.Cols + 1
SortCol = MSFlexGrid1.Cols - 1
MSFlexGrid1.ColWidth(SortCol) = 0 'invisible

'calculate key values & populate grid
For Ro = 1 To MSFlexGrid1.Rows - 1
SortDate = DateValue(MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(Ro, 2))
MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(Ro, SortCol) = SortDate
Next Ro

'do the sort
MSFlexGrid1.Col = SortCol 'set the key
MSFlexGrid1.Sort = flexSortNumericAscending
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