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Nov 17, 1998



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How to Always See the Latest Changes to Your Web Page

Tired of making a change to a Web page and the change doesn't show up when you view the page in your Web browser? Holding down the Shift key as you press Reload will force some browsers to fetch the latest version from the source. An alternate solution is to change your browser's preferences in the cache section to "Compare page every time" (Netscape 4) or "Update page every time" (Internet Explorer 4) instead of once per session. Performance might suffer if you have a large cache because it has more files to compare, so try to decrease the size of the cache. A third method is to insert the following META line into the header of the HTML file being tested:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">
Remember to remove it when you are done making changes.
Erik Goetze
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